Why do we do it?

We work in order to preserve our status as leaders in the manufacturing area of copper derivatives and to meet our clients´ needs. Our quality, reliability and security are recognized over the country and overseas.


How do we do it?

Every day we invest effort and dedication as a team, including the administrative and operating area, each associate is key to the company´s success. SALDECO is the only company in the region of Central and South America that is member of the EUROPEAN UNION COPPER TASK FORCE.


Our Values

Honesty: Fundamental value during the performance of tasks in SALDECO, transparency is the key to our company´s success.

Quality: Our main concern is our clients´ satisfaction. We take care of every detail starting from the purchase order until the final delivery.

Punctuality and engagement: These values are the basis of SALDECO operation´s team. Our goal is to provide the best experience to our clients.

Security: We provide the best tools and work under rigorous processes so that our associates perform their activities in a safe environment.

Respect and fair treatment: We intend to maintain a good work environment in all areas of SALDECO. The corporation holds these two as the most important values due to the fact that they are focused on our most important resource: labor force.



Saldeco - Sales y Derivados de Cobre S.A. - Calle 4 Mz. B1 Lote 18. Urb. Ind. Las Vegas, Pte. Piedra, Lima 22 - Perú